Search Engine Optimization

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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is a technique which improves your website's visibility on popular search engines(Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) result pages. SEO strategies often decides the fate of a website. If you have the right content in your page but you have no audience OR you have audiences who are not happy with the content of your website, there is a fair chance your website will be a distant memory to the users very soon. As the competition is very hard and everyone is trying to get pass one-another, we offer some basic but valuable strategies which will make sure your website stays very much alive in the run. In order to maintain a good visibility and ranking in the search engine results, we also offer a Complete SEO Optimization to our clients. This feature is a premium feature which will gurantee a ranking in top 10 search results in a topic of your choice, which is most likely to be the subject of your website or the domain of your business.

Basic SEO Features

Our basic SEO Service, which we offer free of cost, comes with the following features. It builds the basic structure for a great SEO-Friendly website, so in the future you can upgrade to Complete SEO Optimization feature.

Creating appropriate Title/Meta/Keywords

Creating a Robots text file & a XML Sitemap

Link your existing Social Media pages to your website

SEO-Friendly page names for new & existing pages